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Dali, Yunnan, China


We organize excursions in the Dali region. We know all places of interest, also the non touristic and nicest ones because we live here. Some tours you can do on your own, for some you need a private car and guide.
Under a few examples of tours, however there are much more places of interest. Please tell us what you like and we make a tour to you.

Bike tours
Biking tour through villages, visit some local temples. On your own or guided by English speaking guide.
This 15 kilometer bike tour will take you along a newly built lake road that stretches along the west coast of Erhai lake to Dali ancient Town.

Weishan ancient Town

Dali Old Town (Gucheng)
Dali has historically been important due to its strategic location and its agricultural abundance. Nestled between the majestic Cangshan Mountains and the Erhai Lake, Dali was a key settlement for ancient kingdoms including those of Nanzhao and Dali. There is so much to see and do in Dali to write here, please ask us and we will give you suggestions.


Boat tours
By boat to the east side of the lake and visit e.g Jinsuo island or visit on Wase on a market day.

Day tour to Weishan and Donglianhua
Guided tour by car to Weishan, stroll around in the quiet Old Town. Weishan was the birthplace of Nanzhao Kingdom. You visit Weibaoshan, one of Chinas famous Daoist temples. On the way back we visit Donglianhua village, a well preserved ancient Hui outpost on the Tea Horse road. The Hui minority ascended from members of Muslim regiments in the Mongol army that conquered Yunnan in the 13th century. You visit also a Yi minority village.


Day tour to Jizu Mountain
Jizu Mountain, or Chicken Foot Mountain, is situated behind the village Wase on the east side of the Erhai Lake. The mountain and its ranges form a chicken's foot. The top of the mountain and its slopes are covered with temples, many of which are desperately in need of a reparation. Some temples have been restored and monks reside them. Be prepared: it is a difficult hike to the top of Chicken Foot Mountain (3200 m). But, you can go partly by horse and a cable car starts halfway up the slope.

Walk in CangShan mountain
The Cloud Traveller's Path is an extremely well built path and in a better condition than many sidewalks in Chinese cities. It's supposed to be at an altitude of 2500m. There is a chairlifts at Zhonghe - which is an old Daoist temple and well worth a visit - and cable car near the Gantong Temple. The 11 km route will take about 4 to 5 hours walking. The mountains are home to beautiful wild camellias, orchids, rhododendrons, azaleas and abundant birdlife. Dali is home to some of the rarest camellias in China and CangShan is the source of most of these. Most of the lower slopes are covered in replanted pine forests, while the higher slopes, and steep valleys show a more natural forest cover.

Weishan market

There is almost everyday a market in the area. Markets are always nice to visit. So much colours and the smell of herbs, tea and the locals who do their shopping. You will need a lot of memory in your camera. When you like to visit a market in any place, ask us. We will organise a tour for you including one of the many markets in the region.

Yangbi to Shaxi

Daytour in Xizhou
Xizhou has almost 200 private houses registered on the national heritage list. These houses date from the Qing Dynasty. They are one of the best example of traditional Qing architecture in China and are exquisitely detailed. Building craftsmen from Xizhou were famous throughout Southeast Asia and travelled to Vietnam, Myanmar and throughout Southwest China to build and decorate houses. After they made their fortune, they returned to Xizhou to construct their own 'palace'. Knock with us on these doors, and most doors will open for you to see the interesting architecture.

Shaxi: Sideng square

Tour to Shaxi and Shibaoshan
Shaxi and ShibaoShan: because of their isolated location, much of its culture and historical landmarks have been preserved. Yi and Bai people of this area on the Southern Silk Road, meet every Friday on the Sideng Market. Add two ancient temples and simply magnificent views and your tour is complete.

Travel Information

As our guests we will give you free Travel Information.

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